Commercial Extractor Fans

Commercial Extractor Fans

Today there are a wide range of commercial extractor fans available on the market to cover just about every application imaginable; from large commercial applications, such as restaurant kitchen extractor systems, to quiet airflow systems that are virtually silent in operation.

While a commercial kitchen extraction system, commonly made in stainless steel can cost several thousand pounds to buy and install, a large vent-axia through wall extractor fan may be fine for a small hot food business such as a shop making toasted bacon sandwiches.

The new quiet airflow extraction systems are proving popular as they have a high airflow, yet can barely be heard running. This helps keep environmental noise down, and this is often important in an office workplace.

Commercial Inline Fans

Commercial in-line fans are available that sit above the ceiling, often some distance from the room they are actually extracting the air from. They are connected to vents in the ceiling by ducting, which then connects to the inline fan, and then expels the air through more ducting to a grill in an outside wall.

This type of fan has to be used in certain “classes” of environment by law, whereby no electrically powered unit can be placed within a certain distance of damp areas, such as shower rooms as an example.

When buying a commercial extractor fan, you will have to take more into consideration than when purchasing a domestic extractor fan. The reason for this is that whilst a domestic fan may be cheap to buy and install, and can be replaced at a low cost if it breaks, the same cannot be said of a commercial extraction system.

Large Commercial Extractor Fan Installations

Most large commercial extractor fan installations will cost several thousand to buy, and will need professional installation. So given the investment you may make in one, you need to be buying with a reputable supplier, as you may be installing it in an environment where you may have to stop work if the extractor fan system breaks down, such as in a commercial kitchen.

If this happens, you need to know that someone can come out and fix your extractor fan very fast, as if you have to close your kitchen down, you will be losing money until it is fixed. So you need to do some research about the company you are buying your fan from, and ensure that they can provide a fast call out, and that they carry sufficient spare parts.

Additional information can be found at the Industrial High Pressure Blower Company web site

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Commercial Fan

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