Industrial Extractor Fans

Industrial Extractor Fans

Industrial extractor fans come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths so it can be difficult to choose the best one for your restaurant kitchen. There are roughly seven different sizes that are available from 315mm to 630mm which can be mounted in a few different ways. Many businesses prefer the axial style of fan as it can be used for a wide range of applications. This article will discuss these machines and hopefully make your choice of fan a bit easier.

One of the common drawbacks of industrial extractor fans is how loud they are. This can be such a problem that most restaurant managers choose to run them only when the amount of steam, smoke, and pollutants in the air reaches an intolerable level. However, there are some high end models that can run in a Quiet Mode that doesn’t make that much noise at all and even can be run all the time if you choose. You may even want to run the fan a bit after your staff has finished for the day in order to clear up any residual pollutants that may remain in the air.

If you are currently looking at the different options of industrial extractor fans you have available, you will have to decide whether you would like a model that uses ducts or one that uses filters. The former choice is the most efficient as it can take the polluted air directly out of your building and replace it with clean air. Your other option, the filtered models, do not do as well because they will recycle the same air within your building only they run it through a charcoal filter first to make it cleaner. While a ducted model is preferred in most situations, they can be a bit more on the expensive side. Not to mention, you may not have the space necessary to fit the ducts.

It is important that you find industrial extractor fans that have been built to last. Therefore, try to find a model that is built from steel as this is a durable metal that is sure to last. Also be on the lookout for one that is coated in corrosion proof paint and has steel wire guards as well for optimum protection. It is also a good idea to pay special attention to the kind of motor each model features. Try to find one that is lightweight, but works well and is built to last.

One final thing you will have to take into consideration is how you will install your fan. You will find that most axial industrial extractor fans may be installed in various ways such as:

– Mounted on the wall with special brackets

– Placed freestanding in the center of the room

– Hung from the ceiling with chains

– Inline with your ductwork

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Industrial Extractor Fans

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